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Gargoyle Jewelry from the Gothic Cathedrals of Europe

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Notre Dame Gargoyle Pendant $47.00
A real gargoyle from Notre Dame Cathedral, France. sterling silver
Leaping Gargoyle Ring $82.00
Leaping gargoyles pass each other in an open ring. Adapted from real gargoyles on Notre Dame Cathedral, France. Hand-forged to size. sterling silver
Makes a great thumb ring!
sizes available:
Catgoyle Pin $120.00
A silver beastie, fully 3 inches in length, with a foliate tail, to climb up your lapele. sterling silver
See my 3 ft Catgoyle wall sculpture here officially a Design Toscano classic!
"Critter" Microsculpture $87.00
A real gargoyle from Strasbourg Cathedral, France. sterling silver
Makes a great pendant, or can stand on its own.
"Felix" Microsculpture $73.00
My own rendition of the legendary gargoyle of Notre Dame de Paris. sterling silver
Mason's Mark Pin $110.00
This is a reproduction of a mason's trademark carving that I found in the shadows below a pillar in Strasbourg Cathedral, France. Dates to around AD 1100. sterling silver
The salamander symbolizes eternity in medieval folklore. No doubt the masons carved the original with this in mind.
Frog Ring $78.00
Strikingly real... sterling silver
Winged Dog of Turin $77.00
A pendant of a classic gargoyle from Turin, Italy. sterling silver
Vine Creature Pendant $72.00
Hanging by its tail, preoccupied by the tangles of vines around him, the Vine Creature was inspired by the startling things you find on the buildings in the Parisian moonlight. sterling silver
Jack-in-the-Green Earrings $95.00

Typically a face that appears as a composition of leaves and other motifs of the natural world, the Green Man continues to resurface as a symbol of our profound connection with the earth and the creatures we live with.

sterling silver


From the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum
Greco-Roman and Medieval Collection
Boston, Massachusetts

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Gospels of Luke and Mark Earrings $58.00
13th Century. The originals were carved out of stone and divine inspiration. The museum required complete precision, right down to the chip on the lion's wing. sterling silver
Torso of Dionysus Microsculpture $35.00
About 4th Century BC. Dionysus was the ancient Greek god of wine and theatre. The original marble statue stands about 5 ft. tall. Great as a pendant or charm. sterling silver
The Faces of your favorite gargoyles
work great as pendants or charms

Carved fully-In-The-Round
approx 1/2"- 3/4"
felixhead doghead bishead garghead

Felix Face

Dog Face Biscornet Face Rainspout Face
sterling silver
sterling silver
sterling silver
sterling silver
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