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Wouldn't you buy a gargoyle from this guy?


Life is an adventure...

My interest in Gothic art began in my hometown of New York City, where I attended the Cathedral School of St. John the Divine. Established in 1902, The Cathedral School was intended to be a "choir school for boy choristers". Though the choirboy thing never worked for me, I did manage to cut classes and escape to the crypt to hang out with the ghost of old Bishop Greer. Perhaps running around a cathedral for so long gave my art its dark edge.

Years later, I washed up on a deserted beach in Greece after wandering around Europe in an existential haze. I stayed there for a month, living on octopus and the hot Greek sun (O. K., a little ouzo too). There was nothing to do but think. As I pondered my fate, I whittled an ornate driftwood spoon with a jackknife. From then on, I never looked back-

To be continued...if I can get around to it...'s been a few months...maybe a year...I'll get to it!

Be free!

Barfing Friar Letter Opener
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